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One of the five largest international ship exhibitions in the world - Nor-Shipping

Scope of exhibits at the Norwegian Maritime Exhibition: 


The exhibition covers the entire shipping and maritime industry, including shipbuilding, ship machinery and equipment, oil and gas exploration, marine technology, green ships, cargo and ship transportation, etc. In addition, the exhibition also includes a series of conferences, seminars, and other activities, focusing on major trends and issues in the shipping and maritime sectors.


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Norwegian ship market situation:


Norway has a huge shipbuilding and maintenance industry and is one of the world's largest ship exporters. Norway's shipbuilding industry is mainly concentrated on the west coast and southern regions. The country is also one of the world's largest manufacturers of offshore work vessels.


What are the main shipbuilding suppliers in Norway


Norway's main shipbuilding suppliers include Kongsberg, Ulstein, Havyard, Vard, W ä rtsil ä, and others.


Norwegian Maritime Ship Equipment and Product Trade Import and Export Status:


Norway's main export products for maritime ship equipment include marine machinery, electrical equipment, ship control systems, communication and navigation equipment, etc. The country's main export markets include Europe, Asia, and North America. In addition, Norway is also one of the world's largest oil and gas producers, and its marine technology and equipment also have high demand worldwide.

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