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The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is the most important professional trade exhibition for water sports boats and accessories in the Netherlands, held annually in Amsterdam. The HISWA exhibition is a brand new event for experiencing water sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. From sea sports, boat accessories to maintenance workshops, from navigation equipment to water sports equipment exhibitions, the Amsterdam Boat Exhibition provides everything needed for the next water sports season.


Hiswa Te Water HISWA Exhibition NMEA2000 Drop Cable

The HISWA exhibition is a series of events that tourists looking for new boats will discover, including open sailboats, day and night yachts, and speedboats, most of which are ready to fetch water immediately. HISWA Fun Sports offers everything from windsurfing, kite surfing, standing up to paddle, water skiing, and more. Amsterdam RAI will become a place for all water sports enthusiasts.

The HISWA exhibition is divided into 8 parts: fun water sports, antique boats, sailboats, ship parts and accessories, shops, speedboats, and leisure life. Hundreds of small and medium-sized ship enterprises and component manufacturers will come to participate in the exhibition, showcasing various exhibits related to water sports, from ship parts maintenance workshops to navigation equipment. Thousands of ship enthusiasts will also gather here to prepare for the new season.


Hiswa Te Water Ship Parts Accessories N2K Field Instalation Adapter


Show Products:


Fun water sports: kite surfing, water skiing, canoeing and paddling, water park;


Antique ships: the construction, management, maintenance, and preservation of classical and traditional ships;


Sailing boats: various types of keel boats, natural gas boats, flatbed boats, open trailer transport ships, catamarans and trimarans, open sailing pavilions and sailing school pavilions;


Ship parts and accessories: navigation, electronics, clothing, sail and deck accessories, inboard engines and maintenance, repair booths;


Water sports equipment: clothing, sun protection products, waterproof glasses, etc., store booths;


New products and facilities: various ship press conferences, bidding, weekend reports and activity houses, electric sailboat pavilions.


Speed boats: speed boats, rubber boats, RIB and outboard engines, speed boat pavilions;


Life and leisure: A new world focused on vacation markets, charter flights, lifestyles, entertainment, and outdoor sports.


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Hiswa Te Water Navigation Electronics NMEA2000 3 Ports Multi Tee

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