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SMM Hamburg - Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology Trade Fair

SMM Hamburg refers to Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology trade fair. This is one of the largest maritime ship exhibitions in the world, held every two years in Hamburg, Germany, and lasts for 4 days. The exhibition covers fields such as liquid natural gas, environmental protection technology, offshore technology, and maritime safety.

China Professional Supplier NMEA2000 Network Cables Connectors

SMM, founded in 1963, has successfully held 26 sessions of the Hamburg International Maritime Exhibition (SMM), which is undoubtedly the largest and most professional exhibition in the shipbuilding industry in the world today. It is highly recognized by 96% of exhibitors as an international and representative professional exhibition related to shipbuilding and ship machinery. The number of exhibitors, purchasers, visitors, and transaction amounts received by the conference every year are significantly increasing.


The exhibition covers ships, firefighting, accessories, main equipment and power propulsion equipment, auxiliary power systems, and large mechanical equipment at ports and docks.


SMM Hamburg NMEA2000 Trunk Cables with 4 Ports


Premier Cable is a professional supplier of NMEA2000 connectors and cable assemblies. Our products have passed waterproof and salt corrosion tests and have been recognized by shipyards. If you are interested in the following products, please email us to learn more:


NMEA 2000 Drop Cable


NMEA 2000 Backbone Cable


NMEA 2000 T Connector


NMEA2000 Multi-T Connector


NMEA2000 Power Tee Cable


NMEA 2000 Terminator Resistance


NMEA2000 Field Installable Connector


Honda Yamaha Engine Cable


SMM NMEA2000 Mini-C Micro-C Field Installable Connector

SMM N2K Multi Tee Connector for Marine Ship Boat Vessel Electrical System

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