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What cable is best for marine VHF radio?

Suitable cables include RG-58 (minimum), RG-8X, RG-8U, and RG213. The RG-213 is the same size as the RG-8U, but is fully waterproof, UV-resistant and insulated. RG-213 is more difficult to use in terms of making connections and is very expensive so best left to superyachts. RG58 is only suitable for interconnection between devices and for very short runs.


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The RG-8X is recommended for runs up to about 15 or 20 meters and the RG-8U for longer runs. (This is also recommended by the IOC and ISAF as the best way to achieve Cat 1 Sea Race requirements with less than 40% antenna feeder cable loss)



Coaxial must have a copper braid, preferably a tinned copper braid. Braids are described in percentage numbers, with 98% being best and 96% being good. It is important that the dielectric (insulator around the centerline of the cable) is solid polyethylene. Foam core dielectrics can draw moisture into the cable through the connection, causing core and braid corrosion.



A good UV hood is essential for longevity. Premier Cable manufactures a top quality cables specifically for marine applications at very competitive prices.



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