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5G RRU Applications

C-RAN is a network technology for efficient communication with centralized information processing performed remotely within a cloud system. Signals are processed at remote locations, with base stations connected via efficient fiber optic connections. It is efficient and offers several advantages in terms of system implementation and maintenance.



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A Remote Radio Unit (RRU) acts as a transceiver for a mobile device. RRUs are basically arrays of antennas arranged in different directions to cover a large area around a cell tower.






Several 5G RRU use cases are detailed below:



1. Occupied bandwidth typically 100 MHz with one or more 5G TDD component carriers


2. Data converter on baseband SoC runs at 245.76 Msps, supports two TX and two RX IQ streams


3. Supports DPD in RU systems to meet power and performance requirements


4. Periodically observes multiple TX paths to track changes in temperature and environmental changes



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