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Types of Solar Batteries

Stand-alone photovoltaic power generation systems rely on batteries to store excess power, so batteries play an important role in stand-alone photovoltaic power generation systems. As the selling price of solar modules decreases, the cost of batteries will gradually increase in the proportion of the total system investment.


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In addition, in the operation of independent photovoltaic power generation system, due to battery failure and affect the normal operation of the system will occupy a large proportion of the situation. Therefore, in the system design, select the appropriate type of battery, determine the appropriate battery capacity, precise implementation of the installation, operation, careful maintenance, for the normal operation of independent solar photovoltaic power generation system is very important. 


At present, there are many types of batteries commonly used in photovoltaic systems, of which the widely used ones are ordinary lead-acid batteries, alkaline nickel-chromium batteries and lead-acid maintenance-free batteries.


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1. ordinary lead-acid batteries are mainly used in some low-grade occasions with maintenance capability due to the large environmental pollution and the requirement of certain maintenance. 2. alkaline nickel-chromium batteries are mainly used in some low-grade occasions with maintenance capability.


2. alkaline nickel-chromium batteries have better low-temperature, overcharge and overdischarge performance, but the disadvantage is that the price is higher, generally used for more special occasions.


3. Lead-acid maintenance-free battery, its maintenance-free characteristics make its maintenance simple and convenient, reliable performance, while less pollution to the environment, very suitable for solar power generation systems with high performance and reliability requirements, such as unattended workstations and other occasions.


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