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What Are Cluster Jumper Cables?

Cluster cables are integrated radio frequency jumpers containing 4-5 coaxial cables, used in mobile phone radio transmission systems. Reduce installation time, installation errors, and space required on antenna end plates.



Cluster Jumper Cable Multi Coax Connector RF Cable


As the number of base station antenna ports increases, managing RF lines becomes more difficult. Cluster connectors such as the MQ4 and MQ5 help field antenna manufacturers and installers keep antenna headers organized and track cable routing. The new NEX10 single interface can also be manufactured according to the specific requirements of customers.



Cluster Antenna Functions


Bundling is to combine three base station antennas together and place them in one housing, because generally three antennas with a horizontal beam angle of 65 degrees are enough to cover the entire area. Due to the enhanced awareness of green environmental protection of urban residents, the awareness of wireless radiation has increased. , characterized by small size and easy installation.



It is like a miniature GPS satellite signal relay station. Its working principle is that the analog satellites in the air use advanced cluster antennas and signal processors to command and control the transmitting antennas of the analog satellite signal shaping beams, and control the transmission of the analog satellite network.



In the mobile communication system, the transmission and reception of space wireless signals are realized through the transmission antenna of the mobile base station. Generally, each base station has three sectors, and each sector will transmit in a certain direction. Each sector has one antenna, and the coverage of each antenna is 120 degrees. Three antennas can completely cover the surrounding 360 degrees.



The cluster antenna includes a base and an outer cover fixed on the base. A pole is arranged inside the outer cover. The pole is fixed on the base by the flange on the base. The rod is covered with N rotating fixtures, each rotating fixture rotates around the rod, and the rotation angle of each rotating fixture is 360°/N



Premier Cable jumper cables are ideal for cost-effectively connecting base stations and antennas. Their top-quality design, materials, and production ensure optimal connectivity, easy installation, and fault-free functioning, even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.


Ericsson Signal Cable AISG 3 Split Cable

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