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Portable power station can be applied to what electronic devices?

Portable power station belongs to a classification of mobile power, collectively refers to the small size, easy to carry mobile power. How to use Portable power station? The following is Premier Cable's experience sharing, take a look at it.


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Portable power station, also called "external battery", "external battery", "backup battery", "digital charging partner ", the concept of mobile power is developed with the popularity and rapid growth of digital products, the definition is a convenient and easy to carry a large-capacity portable power. Digital products are increasingly diverse in function and more frequent use, how to improve the use of digital products time, to maximize its utility of the problem highlights the importance. Mobile power, is the best solution to address and solve this problem. With a power supply, you can provide power (power supply or charging) for a variety of digital products anytime and anywhere in the mobile state.


Portable Power Station Camping Light Tablet Phone Cable

Portable power station can be applied to the following small electronic products charging, which makes them ideal for outdoor parties and other outdoor recreational activities. Safe to use power outdoors, store power during the day and use it at night, and can be used as a first aid power source for unexpected outdoor power outages.

DC port: drones, car products, POS machines, laptops, electronic refrigerators, digital photo frames, portable DVDs, etc.

USB port: smart phones, tablets, smart watches, digital cameras, projectors, e-readers, mini DV, car DVR, car recorders, etc.

AC port: camping lights, small rice cookers, small kettles, small table lamps, fans, juice machines and other small power appliances

Premier Cable offers cable harnesses for portable power station, making it possible for you to charge a variety of small electronic products anytime, anywhere, no matter what interface you need, you can find it in PCM, leave a message for more information:

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