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What is used to power the car refrigerator? What car can be used?

Car refrigerator may also be some people do not understand, as a mobile car appliances, car refrigerator can be achieved in the car under the high temperature environment frozen food and drink, in the hot summer can be said to be the car of the gods!


Then the car refrigerator in the car is powered by what? Any car models can use the car refrigerator?


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Car refrigerator is usually through the car cigarette lighter for power supply, the car for 12V/24V power supply, car refrigerator power line is also used cigarette lighter socket, directly connected to the car refrigerator can be energized work.


The power of the car refrigerator comes from the car's engine and battery, when the car starts the power generated by the engine to drive the car refrigerator, other times can be powered by the battery for the car refrigerator.


Of course, you can also modify the power cord of the car refrigerator, connected to the car's battery so that the power supply to the car refrigerator work.


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If the car does not have a cigarette lighter, it is recommended to go to the 4S store to modify a cigarette lighter. This can meet the car refrigerator power supply requirements, so that the car refrigerator can be used normally.


Can be modified in the trunk of an electronic cigarette lighter, the general car refrigerator is placed in the trunk of the car, so more convenient refrigerator connected to the power supply.


If there is no power supply in the car, you can also prepare a mobile power. In comparison, mobile power is more suitable for the car refrigerator mobile use of the scene, not only in the car can be used, mobile power portability can make the car refrigerator in any scene can be used normally.


Finally, the car refrigerator can not only be used in the car, but also in the home. Prepare a power adapter, you can connect the 220V power supply at home, the car refrigerator can also be used normally at home.

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