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About Cigarette Lighter and Car Power Supply - Why the Whole Power Supply System is 12V?

Nowadays, there are more and more electrical devices on the car, and the car power system not only supplies electricity to the engine starter motor, lights, electric power steering and other components, but also meets the power requirements of such devices as multimedia audio and video system, reversing radar, cell phone charging, car recorder, GPS navigation device and so on.


Multimedia Audio Video Car Cigarette Lighter to DC Power Cable

The car power system is generally composed of generator and battery together, but not at the beginning of the standard is 12V, as early as the early development of the car, the electrical system was not introduced into the car products, and then around 1918, because of the popularization of the application of the starter, the car began to be equipped with a battery, the voltage standard at that time is 6V. After the 1950s, because the power provided by the 6V system was too low to meet more "power needs", the standard voltage on board was raised from 6V to 12V.


Car Recorder Reverse Radar Cigarette Lighter to Clip Cable

The 12V value then became the global standard (24V for diesel cars), thus significantly reducing coordination problems between vehicle manufacturers and the electrical equipment parts supply chain, and significantly reducing costs. In the 1990s, U.S. auto companies once envisioned upgrading to 42V to cope with future automotive electrification equipment requirements, but the cost of change was too great and all electrical components, including wiring, had to be completely replaced, and eventually could not be promoted in the market.


Cell Phone Charging Car Cigarette Lighter to XT60 XT90 12v Power Cable

Of course, set to 12V DC voltage and safety considerations, one can provide the current and power are not large, not easy to trigger a short circuit overheating or fire risk; the second is that even if there is leakage occurs, 12V voltage on the human body will not cause the risk of electric shock.

Premier Cable provides cigarette lighter connection cable for car power 12V, which can adapt to your different interface needs to meet the power requirements of multimedia audio and video systems, reverse radar, cell phone charging, car recorder, GPS navigator and other devices. Leave a message now to learn more:


Car 12V Cooler Fridge Refrigerator Cigarette Lighter Cable

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