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How to Use Solar Portable Power Station?

With the development of outdoor activities and the increase in emergency electricity usage, more and more people are using solar portable power station. So how can we use it to better protect it? Let's take a look with Premier Cable!


Outdoor Picnics Solar Panel Protable Power Cable


1. Charging


Mains charging: Close the battery control switch, insert the charging cable into the mains charging socket in the correct way, connect the other end of the charging cable to the mains, close the mains charging switch, and start supplementing the battery in the device.


Solar charging: Close the battery control switch and place the solar photovoltaic module of the device in outdoor sunlight to supplement the charging of the battery inside the device. The charging time is related to geographical location, weather conditions, etc. Do not disconnect the battery control switch while charging!


2. Inverter output: Close the battery control switch, insert the output adapter socket into the inverter output socket in the correct way, connect the load to the output adapter socket, close the inverter output switch, the green indicator light will light up, the inverter will work, and the equipment will start to supply power to the outside. During the inverter output process, do not disconnect the battery control switch with power!


Family Gatherings Solar Protable Power Cable

3. The use of DC 12V: On the device operation control panel, there are two DC 12V external output sockets. The socket in the upper left corner is controlled by a switch and can be connected to DC 12V LED/LCD lighting fixtures, etc. Due to line loss, the output 12 volt connection line should not be 2 meters long.


4. When external expansion requires long-term operation, the built-in battery of the device may not meet the needs. In this case, external expansion terminals and expansion connection cables can be used to connect the external DC 12V battery (group) of the device to the device. When expanding and using, please ensure that the voltage level and positive and negative pole connections of the expanded battery (group) are correct! When transporting, storing, and maintaining equipment, the box cover should be properly covered and locked to prevent sudden opening of the box cover during transportation from damaging the equipment or causing other unexpected injuries;


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5. When left unused for a long time, the battery may experience static loss. It is recommended to disconnect the battery control switch and inspect the equipment every three months, using mains power to recharge the battery. In order to save your space, please stand the box as much as possible, which is also beneficial for extending the service life of the battery.



Premier Cable is a professional manufacturer of cable assemblies and wire harnesses, with excellent quality. We undertake various wire harness assemblies and focus on customized solutions for wire harnesses. PCM provides portable solar power station wire harnesses suitable for outdoor picnics, travel, family gatherings, and more. Welcome to inquire by phone or email:


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