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Cable Assemblies for Solar Portable Power Station

Solar portable power station, also known as compatible solar portable power supply, includes solar panels, charging controllers, discharge controllers, mains charging controllers, inverters, external expansion interfaces, and batteries. 


Outdoor Emergency Power Solar Generator Portable Power Cable


Photovoltaic portable power supply can operate in both solar and ordinary power modes, and can automatically switch between them. Photovoltaic portable power supply is widely used and is an ideal power supply equipment for outdoor activities or emergency power consumption, such as emergency disaster relief, tourism, military, geological exploration, archaeology, schools, hospitals, banks, gas stations, comprehensive buildings, highways, substations, family camping, etc.


The Charging Mode of Solar Cells 


Place the photovoltaic cell components of the system in direct sunlight to charge the battery; Charging mode under mains power. This system has an AC input socket to charge the battery indoors or when there is no sunlight. External expansion interface: This system is equipped with two parallel connection terminals, which can be connected to a large capacity battery for operation.


Premier Cable is a professional wire harness manufacturer, providing customized service. We provide wiring harnesses suitable for solar portable power station to meet the interface requirements of different devices. Welcome to inquire by phone or email:


Car Cigarette Lighter Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station Car Cigarette Lighter Input Connector Cable


Anderson Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station Anderson Input Connector Cable

Solar Power Generator Anderson Input Connector Cable


EC Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station EC Input Connector Cable


SAE Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station SAE Input Connector Cable


MC4 Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station MC4 Input Connector Cable


XT90 Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station XT90 Input Connector Cable


XT60 Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station XT60 Input Connector Cable


GX16 Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station GX16 Input Connector Cable


DC Input Connector Cable

Solar Portable Power Station DC Input Connector Cable

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