Termination Resistor NMEA2000 Mini-C

Terminating Resistor 7/8" connector 120 Ohm


Mini-Change DeviceNet Cable


CAN DeviceNet Terminating Resistor 7/8" Connector


Terminating Resistor 7/8" connector 120 Ohm


Devicenet 7/8 connector Terminating Resistor


7/8"  Devicenet Terminating Resistor


Bus termination resistor
Bus termination resistor 7/8" male connector For DeviceNet CANopen 

7/8" DeviceNet connector 5 pin Terminating Resistor


DeviceNet Network Connector Terminating Resistor


Contact Plating : Gold Pin


Type : Terminating Resistor


Internal resistor 120 Ω, 1/2 W


Application : Industrial CAN Application 

Connector Type : 7/8 Male connector


Connector Type : 7/8 Female connector

For Use With CAN Applications ; DeviceNet ; CANopen








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