Led Dimming Extension Cable RJ12

RJ12 Grow Light Cord Led dimmer cable


LED Light Cable


Led Dimming Extension Cable RJ12


RJ12 Cable for Led Dimming


RJ12 Grow Light Cord 


Led dimmer cable


Length: 6 meter


100% electrically tested 


1-to-1 straight through cable 6P6C


RJ12 Cable for connecting several 24V sensors together


Dimmer, is an electrical device that changes the luminous flux of the light source in the lighting device and adjusts the illuminance level.


The purpose of the dimmer is to adjust the different brightness of the light. Light output of different intensities produced by lamps of average power by reducing or increasing the RMS voltage.


There are three principles of LED dimmer


1. Group control Group multiple LEDs into groups and control them with a simple grouper.


2. Constant-current power regulation The magnitude of the current can be easily adjusted by analog linear technology.


3. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) digitizes the square wave of the power supply and controls the duty cycle of the square wave to achieve the purpose of controlling the current.



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