LED Light PWM Controller Cable

LED Light PWM pulse signal Cable


LED Light Cable


LED Light PWM Controller Cable


LED Light PWM pulse signal Cable

PWM dimming led light Cable

LED Dimmer PWM DC Lighting Cable


What is a PWM signal ?  What does it do ?


PWM signal for brightness adjustment of LED


To put it simply, for example, if you have a 5V power supply, there is a traditional way to control the brightness of a lamp, which is to connect an adjustable resistor in series and change By changing the resistance, the brightness of the lamp will change. This adjustment method needs to rotate the adjustable resistor


Another way is PWM regulation. Instead of a series resistor, a switch is placed in series. Suppose in 1 second, there is 0.5 seconds


If the time switch is on and off for 0.5 seconds, then the light will be on for 0.5 seconds and off for 0.5 seconds. 


If this continues, the light will flicker. If the frequency rate is increased a bit, for example, 1 millisecond, 0.5 milliseconds on, 0.5 milliseconds off, then the flashing frequency of the light will be very high. 


We know that flicker frequency rate exceeds a certain value, the human eye will not feel it. So, at this time, you don't see the flickering of the light, you only see that the brightness of the light is only half of the original.


LED Light PWM Controller CableLED Light PWM pulse signal CablePWM dimming led light CableLED Dimmer PWM DC Lighting Cable

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