Generic to DB9 Adapter Cable

Generic to DB9 Adapter Cable Generic Serial Cable DB9


CAN Bus Cable Adapter


Generic to DB9 Adapter Cable


Generic Serial Cable DB9 


CANedge CAN logger Cable


CAN bus data logger cable

Log data from a CAN bus application with a non-standard connector


Generic to DB9 adapter lets you get started quickly when creating your own custom adapter cable. 


Save time and minimize errors - so you can get started logging CAN data with your CANedge CLX000 CAN logger 


CAN bus data logger and its importance


A data logger is a device that can record or store data efficiently.


With continuous advancements in various fields, data has become an essential part of our lives.


Any device that can record data for you is a data logger, whether it's for monitoring a machine or some parameters like temperature, ph, voltage, carbon dioxide, current, pulses, CAN/LIN signals, a data logger works .


They are generally divided into two types :

• DAQ or data acquisition (no built-in storage)


• Data logger (with built-in storage)


The data logger is designed to operate in stand-alone mode and does not require connection to a PC or other system.


A DAQ is typically designed to interface with a PC for data logging, and it typically works with multiple channels, with a higher sample rate per channel, making it ideal for laboratories.


Channel type used by the bus data logger : LIN, CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet 


Connection type :  BT, Wi-Fi, SD card, USB 


Generic to DB9 Adapter CableCAN bus data logger cableCANedge CAN logger CableGeneric Serial Cable DB9 CAN bus data logger

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