CAN Terminator DB9 Male plug

CAN Termination Plug DB9 CAN Terminator DB9-Male plug CAN Termination Sub-D9 Connector


CAN Bus Cable Adapter


CAN Termination Plug DB9

CAN Terminator DB9-Male plug


CAN Termination Sub-D9 Connector


CAN Termination Plug 


Resistor between pin 2 and 7 


Standard : According to ISO 11898-2 


120 Ohm for High-Speed CAN systems  

120 Ohm bus termination for High-Speed CAN systems

The CAN Terminator is a DB9-Male plug that terminates the CAN lines with a 120 ohm resistor.


CAN is a controller area network bus, a serial communication protocol bus used for real-time applications. It can use twisted pairs to transmit signals and is one of the most widely used field buses in the world.


The CAN protocol is used to communicate between the various components in the car, replacing expensive and bulky power distribution wiring harnesses. The robustness of this protocol extends its use to other automation and industrial applications.


Features of the CAN protocol include complete serial data communication, real-time support, transfer rates up to 1Mb/s, 11-bit addressing, and error detection capabilities.


CANopen is a high-level communication protocol based on control local area network, including communication sub-protocol and device sub-protocol. It is often used in embedded systems and is also a field bus commonly used in industrial control.


The CANopen standard includes an addressing scheme, several small communication sub-protocols, and an application layer defined by the device sub-protocol.


CANopen supports network management, device monitoring and communication between nodes, including a simple transport layer that handles segmented data transfers and combinations.


Generally speaking, the data link layer and physical layer will be implemented with CAN.


In addition to CANopen, there are other communication protocols (such as EtherCAT) that implement CANopen's device sub-protocol.


CAN Termination Sub-D9 ConnectorCAN Terminator DB9-Male plugCAN Termination Plug DB9

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