HD15 Double CAN FlexRay Cable

HD15 Double CAN FlexRay Cable CAN FlexRay Cable DB15 FlexRay Cable


CAN Bus Cable Adapter


HD15 Double CAN FlexRay Cable


CAN FlexRay Cable


DB15 FlexRay Cable


D-SUB-HD15 female to two D-SUB9 male CAN and one D-SUB9 female FlexRay with integrated FlexRay terminator


What are the characteristics of the FlexRay bus network ?


1. High data transmission rate :


The maximum transmission rate can reach 10Mbit/s, and the total data transmission rate of two channels can reach 20Mbit/s. Therefore, when applied to the vehicle network, the network bandwidth of FlexRay can be 20 times that of the CAN network.


2. Good reliability :


The bus system with redundant data transmission capability uses two independent channels, each of which is composed of a set of two-wire conductors; when one channel fails, the information that should be transmitted on the channel can be transmitted on the other channel. Transmission on no faulty channel; in addition, the presence of a bus monitor further increases the reliability of communication


3. Deterministic :


Deterministic data transmission is used to ensure that every piece of information in a time-triggered area can be transmitted in real time


4. Flexibility :


Flexibility is a prominent feature of FlexRay bus, which is reflected in the following aspects: support for various network topologies, point-to-point connection, cascade connection, active star connection, hybrid connection, etc.; information length can be configured, The corresponding data load length can be set for it according to the actual control application requirements; the dual-channel topology can be used to increase the bandwidth and transmit redundant information; the time of the static and dynamic information transmission parts in the cycle can be adjusted according to the specific application to change


DB15 FlexRay CableCAN FlexRay CableHD15 Double CAN FlexRay CableFlexRay bus network

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