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Industrial Camera Power Trigger Cable HR10A-7P-6S

Manufacturer of camera trigger cables Industrial Camera Power Trigger Cable HR10A-7P-6S


Camera Link Cables


Industrial Camera Power Trigger Cable HR10A-7P-6S


HR10A-7R-6SB Hirose Connector  

HR10A-7R-6SB Circular Connector 

Hirose HR10A-7R-6SB trigger cable




Camera Trigger Cable Characteristics


1. One end of the cable is connected to HRS 6 Pin and HRS 12 Pin connectors, and the other end can be connected differently according to different needs of users


2. High flexible outer quilt, multi-strand pure copper conductor, multi-layer shielding, high-speed signal


3. No attenuation in transmission, stable and high-speed signal transmission


4. Has good noise immunity and bending characteristics and excellent transmission


5. Performance and Mobile Durability


6. With oil-resistant outer layer, it can be used in special industrial environments


Industrial camera power trigger line IO line Hirose 6-core head hole HR10A-7P-6S


Premier Cable is a manufacturer specializing in the production of circular self-locking connectors, connector supporting wire harness solutions, industrial automation wire harness cables, high-end instruments and equipment and connector wire harness cable application solutions for various projects. 


This link is to show the industry For visual automation cables, we can produce power trigger cables for industrial cameras with 6 holes, 8 pins and 12 holes, including matching power adapters, high-flex gigabit camera network cables with locks, etc.


Industrial Camera Power Trigger Cable HR10A-7P-6SHR10A-7R-6SB Hirose Connector  HR10A-7R-6SB Circular Connector Hirose HR10A-7R-6SB trigger cableHR10A-7R-6SB

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