DB9 Terminal Connector for EKI Device Server

DB9 Terminal Connector for EKI Device Server USR Iot OPT1-DB9 USR-N540 EKI Device Server


CAN Bus Cable Adapter


DB9 Terminal Connector for EKI Device Server 






EKI Device Server 


OPT1-DB9 can help user to convert the DB9 format to terminal connector. 


User can easily using exists cable to build up the RS-422 or RS-485 serial bus.


Premier Cable DB9 Female to Terminal Block adapter can be used with all RS-422/485 product lines, including PCI/PCIe Add-on card, Industrial DeviceServer, or DevicePort.


It's convenient for user for RS-422 and RS-485 cable wiring with reliable locking design on standard DB9 connector.


Application : 

RS232 to Ethernet Converter


Advantech DB9 terminal block


Modbus to Ethernet Converter


RS485 Ports Serial Ethernet Converter


Serial to Ethernet Converter MQTT Gateway


Serial to Ethernet Converter ModBus Gateway


RS232 Ethernet RS485 RS422 TCP IP Converter

RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet / Wireless Serial Device Server


RS232 to Ethernet RS485 to RJ45 RS422 to TCP IP Converter


DB9 Terminal Connector for EKI Device Server OPT1-DB9 USR-N540


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