CAN node T Connector

Gateway Module for CAN FD CAN and CANopen Gateways CanBus optical fiber converter PROFIBUS MASTER SIMULATOR CANopen to Modbus TCP converter


CAN Bus Cable Adapter


CAN node T Connector


CAN BUS T adapter


CAN T Connector 


CAN-T Adapter 

Serve to connect CAN nodes to the CAN bus.


As accessories for the CAN products, Premier Cable offers terminal resistors of various designs, plugs and cables for the connection of nodes as well as adapter cables.


T-adapter for CAN bus output


9-pin D-Sub connector to 9-pin D-Sub connector and D-Sub connector, compliant with CiA 102 protocol

For CAN bus products, it is recommended to add a total terminal resistance to the last three-way terminal.


The CAN bus generally must add a tee at the branch node. Although it increases a little cost, it can bring great convenience to the actual and later inspection process.


CAN-T Adapter provides a tee connector that can be connected to the data cable and ground of the CAN bus, so that a CAN node can be connected. In this case, the CAN node is unterminated.





Gateway Module for CAN FD

CAN and CANopen Gateways

CanBus optical fiber converter 


CANopen to Modbus TCP converter 


T-adapter for CAN busCAN-T Adapter T-adapter for CAN bus CAN T Connector

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