ATCB-B01 AISG RET Control Cable

ATCB-B01 AISG RET Control Cable


AISG Cables


RET AISG Cable Assembly 


Remote Electrical Tilt cable


ATCB-B01 AISG RET Control Cable  


M16 AISG RET Cable Assembly with IP68 


RRU RCU AISG Cable IP67 Grade RET Control Cable



What does AISG cable mean  ?


AISG (antenna interface standards group) antenna interface standard, formulated by Kathrein, Argus, Andrew in 2004, is used for smart antennas. Usually includes coaxial cable, RS485 cable, power cable, etc.


In order to realize the compatibility and interoperability of ESC antenna equipment from different manufacturers, the Antenna Interface Standards Organization has formulated the international unified standard AISG protocol for ESC antenna equipment systems and related products.


Most of the related products in foreign countries strictly follow the AISG protocol, and the transition to the AISG protocol specification has basically been realized in China. A real remote control.


The control of the antenna device has the problems of low scanning efficiency and too long scanning time. Aiming at the above two existing problems, this paper implements a remote ESC antenna equipment control system based on AISG protocol.


M16 AISG RET Cable Assembly with IP68 ATCB-B01 AISG RET Control Cable  Remote Electrical Tilt cableRET AISG Cable Assembly

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