VHDCI 68-Pin Male to SCSI-3 HPDB68 SCSI Cable

68-Pin SCSI to 68-Pin MDR Cable


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VHDCI 68-Pin Male to SCSI-3 HPDB68 SCSI Cable


External VHD68 to HPDB68 SCSI Cable 

SCSI VHDCI HPDB 68-Pin Stecker Kabel 


68-Pin SCSI to 68-Pin MDR Cable


SCSI Cable VHDCI 68 Cable  

68-Pin External SCSI Cable 




SCSI interface


Small Computer System Interface, abbreviated as SCSI, is an independent processor standard used for system-level interface between computers and intelligent devices (hard disks, floppy drives, optical drives, printers, scanners, etc.).


SCSI is an intelligent general-purpose interface standard that provides the ability to communicate with many types of peripherals.


SCSI uses the standard software interface of ASPI to make the drive communicate with the SCSI adapter installed inside the computer.


The SCSI interface is widely used in high-speed data transmission technology on minicomputers.


The SCSI interface has the advantages of wide application range, multi-tasking, large bandwidth, low CPU usage, and hot plugging.


A host adapter and eight SCSI peripheral controllers can be connected to the SCSI bus, and the peripherals can include disks, tapes, CD-ROMs, rewritable CD-ROM drives, printers, scanners, and communication devices.

SCSI is a multitasking interface with bus arbitration. Multiple peripherals attached to a SCSI bus can work simultaneously. Devices on SCSI occupy the bus equally.


The SCSI interface can transmit data synchronously or asynchronously, the synchronous transmission rate can reach 10MB/s, and the asynchronous transmission rate can reach 1.5MB/s.


There are two types of SCSI connectors: built-in and external.


The appearance of the built-in data cable is the same as the IDE data cable, but the number of pins and specifications are slightly different. It is mainly used to connect the optical drive and the hard disk. The 40-pin IDE cable has 40 wires, the 40-pin ATA66 has 80 wires, and the SCSI built-in has 40 wires. 50 stitches, 68 stitches and 80 stitches.


As for the SCSI external data cable, there are the following specifications, and their densities are not the same, don't make a mistake.

Apple SCSI, a total of 25 pins, divided into two rows, 8 bits, commonly used in Mac machines and old Sun workstations.


Sun Microsystem's DD-50SA has a total of 50 pins and is divided into three rows.


SCSI-2, a total of 50 pins, divided into two rows, 8 bits.


Centronics, a total of 50 pins, divided into two rows, 8 bits, a bit like a parallel port, it can connect the largest number of devices.


SCA, a total of 80 pins, is divided into two rows.


SCSI-3 and Wide SCSI-2, a total of 68 pins, divided into two rows, 16 bits. Legacy DEC single-terminated SCSI uses a 68-pin high-density interface.


SCSI Connectors/SCSI Interface Type and Length


DB-25  , Male External


DB-25  , Female External


Low-Density  , 50-pin  , Male External


Low-Density  , 50-pin  , Female External

High-Density  , 50-pin  , Male External 


High-Density  , 50-pin  , Female External 


Low-Density  , 50-pin  , Male Internal


Low-Density  , 50-pin  , Female Internal


High-Density  , 68-pin  , Male External


High-Density  , 68-pin  , Female External


High-Density  , 68-pin  , Male Internal


High-Density  , 68-pin  , Female Internal


VHDCI  , 68-pin  , Male External


VHDCI  , 68-pin  , Female External


VHDCI 68-Pin Male to SCSI-3 HPDB68 SCSI CableExternal VHD68 to HPDB68 SCSI Cable SCSI VHDCI HPDB 68-Pin Stecker Kabel 68-Pin SCSI to 68-Pin MDR Cable

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