SC-09 Programming Cable RS232 To RS422

SC-09 Programming Cable RS232 To RS422


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SC-09 Programming Cable RS232 To RS422  


Mitsubishi SC-09 PLC Programming Cable 


Programmable Logic Controller Cable 


SC09 RS232 RS422 Download cable 


SC-09 for Mitsubishi FX A Series PLC Programming Cable RS232 to RS422

SC-09 Serial RS232 Series PLC Programming Cable  


SC-09 programming cable is a conversion cable from RS232 interface to RS422 interface. 


It is commonly used in Mitsubishi A series and FX series


PLC means Programmable Logic Controller 


Programmable logic controller is a digital operation operating electronic system specially designed for application in industrial environment.


It uses a programmable memory to store instructions for performing operations such as logical operations, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, and controls various types of mechanical equipment or production through digital or analog input and output process.


Now the programmable logic controller used in industry is equivalent to or close to the host of a compact computer, and its advantages in scalability and reliability make it widely used in various industrial control fields.




1. High reliability. Since most PLCs use single-chip microcomputers, the integration is high, coupled with corresponding protection circuits and self-diagnosis functions, which improves the reliability of the system.


2. Programming is easy. PLC programming mostly uses relay control ladder diagrams and command statements, the number of which is much less than that of microcomputer instructions. Except for medium and high-end PLCs, there are only about 16 small PLCs in general.


Because the image of the ladder diagram is simple, it is easy to master, easy to use, and can be programmed even without computer expertise.


3. Flexible configuration. Since the PLC adopts a building block structure, the user can flexibly change the function and scale of the control system by simply combining them, so it can be applied to any control system.


4. Complete input/output function modules. One of the biggest advantages of PLC is that for different field signals, there are corresponding templates that can be directly connected with devices in the industrial field (such as buttons, switches, sensing current transmitters, motor starters or control valves, etc.), and It is connected with the CPU motherboard through the bus.


SC-09 Programming Cable RS232 To RS422  Programmable Logic Controller Cable SC09 RS232 RS422 Download cable 

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