DB9 USB to RJ12 6P6C RS232 Serial Cable

POS cash drawer cable RJ11 RJ12


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POS cash drawer cable RJ11 RJ12


DB9 USB to RJ12 6P6C RS232 Serial Cable


RS232 TO RJ12 6p6c 6p4c USB TO RJ12 Cable

DB9 RS232 to RJ11 RJ12 RJ45 RJ25 RJ9 serial cable


RJ refers to Registered Jack, which stands for Registered Jack. USOC (Universal Service Ordering Codes) codes derived from Bell Systems.


USOC is a series of registered jacks and their wiring, developed by Bell Systems to connect users' devices to the public network.


FCC regulations govern application for this purpose. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has issued a document on behalf of the US government that regulates the RJ11.


RJ11 is the generic name used for connectors developed by Western ElectricCo. Its shape is defined as a 6-pin connection device. Formerly known as WExW, the x here means 'active', a contact or a needle. For example, WE6W has all 6 contacts, numbered 1 to 6, WE4W interface only uses the outermost two contacts (1 and 6) of 4 pins, WE2W only uses the middle two pins. For RJ11, the sources of information are conflicting, it can be a 2 or 4-pin 6-pin connector. To add to the confusion, RJ11 is not just used to represent a 6-pin connector, it also refers to a 4-pin version.


RJ12 is a standard telephone crystal head (six cores). In the cash drawer interface, RJ11 is four-core, and RJ12 is six-core.


RJ45 : 8-pin plug, 8P8C (8 POSition, 8 contact), that is, 8 positions, 8 contacts


RJ12 RJ25: 6-pin plug, 6P6C, that is, 6 positions, 6 contacts


RJ11 or RJ14 : 4-pin plug, 6P4C, 6 positions, 4 contacts, like our telephone line


RJ12 RJ10 or RJ9 : 4-pin plug, handset cord, 4P4C, 4 positions, 4 contacts


RJ11, RJ14, RJ25 can be used in the same 6-pin 6P6C jack. Generally, RJ11 uses 2 wires, RJ14 uses 4 wires, and RJ25 uses 6 wires.


Cash drawer connectors generally involve RJ11 (6P4C, 4-pin) and RJ12 (6P6C, 6-pin), both RJ11 and RJ12 can be used in a 6-pin, 6P6C jack.


When it is not clear whether RJ11 or RJ12 should be used, it is the safest way to use RJ12. RJ12 interface supports micro switch.


The micro switch can record the number of times the cash drawer is opened, because some POS machines do not have this function, so whether the micro switch is used or not has no effect on the customer's normal use of the cash drawer.


POS cash drawer cable RJ11 RJ12DB9 USB to RJ12 6P6C RS232 Serial CableRS232 TO RJ12 6p6c 6p4c USB TO RJ12 Cable

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