USB to RJ12 Digital Lighting Controller Cable

USB to RJ12 Digital Lighting Controller Cable


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USB-RJ12 Controller Cable Pack for Phantoms 

Group Control Lighting Adaptor RJ12


Phantom USB-RJ12 Controller Cable 


USB to RJ12 Digital Lighting Controller Cable


Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller Cable


Cables connect Phantom 40 Series DE Ballast to the Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller 


Digital Lighting Energy Saving Controller


Circuit control element


Digital lighting controller generally refers to digital lighting energy-saving controller


The energy-saving digital lighting controller is a high-performance product developed on the basis of microprocessor technology and advanced modern power electronics technology. It can effectively achieve voltage reduction and voltage limiting functions, prolong the service life of lamps, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce maintenance personnel. The workload can be reduced, the energy saving effect can reach 10%-45%*, the investment is small, and the effect is quick.


Energy-saving controller for lighting Applicable fields Sustainable development strategy Energy management quality High-performance products Basic microprocessor technology and modern power electronics technology Functions to reduce voltage and limit voltage, prolong the service life of lamps


1. Control


The flexible programmable control function can control the step-down and voltage-limiting amplitude, and the switch light time can be set arbitrarily. The control mode is time control, light control, manual control, remote control of the host computer and automatic control according to the longitude and latitude of the place of use. Soft-start, soft-transition, and soft-shutdown functions can prevent overvoltage and cold-start high current impact on lamps, and greatly reduce the damage rate of lamps. For sodium lamps, mercury lamps and other lamps, there is an adjustable full-pressure preheating start time, so that the lamps can be more fully preheated and smoothly transition to normal working conditions. It can realize the control of all-night light and midnight light, and has the function of step-down and current regulation in the second half of the night, and the energy-saving effect is more ideal. Perfect restart function, when the load fails and the external power supply fails, it can automatically re-ignite the lamps. The control methods include time control, light control, manual control, remote control of the host computer and automatic control according to the latitude and longitude of the place of use (option). The three-phase switch light time and output voltage can be independently adjusted, and can be connected to unbalanced and different types of loads. Programmable service modes for easy digital lighting system service, maintenance and lamp replacement. A group of normally open contacts controlled by the clock are reserved for special control. The contact capacity is 7A/250VAC.


2. Protective effect


Perfect lightning protection, overvoltage, overheating protection. Three-phase independent overload protection, alarm prompt. Fault alarm automatic bypass function, and award fault signal upload. Emergency digital lighting automatic switching function. In some special occasions, uninterrupted digital lighting is required. When the main digital lighting circuit fails and the main digital lighting circuit is automatically switched to the DC emergency power supply system, the controller automatically detects the change and keeps the digital lighting uninterrupted. Power-off data protection. When the system is powered off, the set parameters are not lost, and the clock can still run normally and accurately.


1 Digital lighting energy-saving controller, under the functions of microcomputer control program, intelligent power-saving control, automatic bypass protection, and manual bypass selection, can ensure the normal use of equipment after power-saving and ensure the safe operation of digital lighting equipment.


2 High reliability, the system host adopts high-quality magnetic materials to achieve ideal operation with low consumption and high efficiency.


3 Adopt humanized design, easy to operate.


4 No harmonic interference, and can suppress higher harmonics.


5. High power saving rate, according to equipment and electricity consumption, the power saving rate is 10%-40%.


6 With low-voltage automatic bypass function, it will automatically enter the power-saving state after the voltage returns to normal.


7 With low current automatic bypass function, reduce the consumption of the system itself.


8 with fault automatic bypass function.


9 With manual bypass function, it is used in emergency situations.


10 Two starting modes: full pressure start and low pressure start (soft start). Full-voltage starting—full-voltage power supply for a certain period of time during starting, to ensure that the lamps automatically enter the power-saving running state after normal use; low-voltage starting, to ensure that under normal use of the lamps, the purpose of reducing the starting current by reducing the starting voltage and prolonging the life of the lamps. After starting, it will automatically enter the power saving state. The starting time is adjustable.


11 with voltage regulation function.


12 The communication with the computer can be realized through the RS-232 or RS-485 interface. Through the computer, the running status, current, voltage, etc. of the product can be inquired, and the product can be controlled.


13 Reserved external control interface, which can control the power-saving gear through the closing and opening of external passive contacts.


14 Short circuit protection function, overheat protection function

15 With display function, it can display the status, output voltage and current of the equipment.


16 Improve the power factor rate, for most equipment, the power factor rate can be increased by about 5%-10%, reducing reactive power loss.


17 The intelligent power-saving control module is installed independently, which is easy to maintain, has a high degree of automation, and does not require manual monitoring.


Suitable for all kinds of incandescent lamps, sodium lamps, mercury lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps) and other inductive rectifier lighting digital lighting systems.


Application places: urban street lights, highways, municipal digital lighting projects, buildings, public places, large advertising lights, etc.


USB to RJ12 Digital Lighting Controller CableGroup Control Lighting Adaptor RJ12

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