USB 3.0 Type-A Plug to 10-Way Screw Terminal Header

USB 3.0 Terminal block


Terminal Block


USB 3.0 Type-A Plug to 10-Way Screw Terminal Header 


USB 3.0 plug to Screw terminal block 


USB 3.0 Terminal block

USB Type A plug to a 10-way screw terminal block for temporary or prototyping applications.


Terminal block is an electronic component used for circuit connection, also called terminal block, electronic connector, etc.


Classification :


By shape


Plug-in terminal block


Due to the characteristics of its own structure, circular electronic connectors are used the most in military equipment (aviation and aerospace).


Rectangular electronic connectors are mostly used on printed circuit boards of electronic equipment due to their simple structure.


By structure


USB Terminal block


According to the connection method: threaded connection, bayonet (quick) connection, lock connection, push-pull connection, in-line connection, etc.;


According to the contact body termination form: crimping, welding, wrapping; screw fixing;



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