Tinytag CAB-0007-USB-RS Cable

Tinytag CAB-0007-USB-RS Cable


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The RT-Datalogger data collector is a data acquisition and communication device designed for distributed photovoltaic power plants. 


It can communicate with the power station inverter, combiner box and electricity meter in real time to realize remote monitoring of the operation status of the power station, making the inspection of the photovoltaic power station easier and more convenient. 


It is convenient to reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve the stability and reliability of photovoltaic power plants.


Scope of application


It is suitable for distributed photovoltaic power plants, especially in remote areas where wired network cannot be deployed for communication. 


The device is installed in the grid-connected box of the photovoltaic power station, uses serial ports and network ports to collect data from other equipment on site, and then communicates with the integrated self-system through wired or wireless (GPRS/3G/4G) methods.


The main function


1) Collect equipment data such as inverters, on-column transformers, and electric energy meters at the bay layer to realize remote data transmission.


2) Support receiving a variety of time synchronization signals to achieve time synchronization. Such as SNTP, 104 statute time synchronization.


3) Support various common industrial control communication protocols such as Modbus_RTU, IEC870-5-104, etc., data between different protocols can be freely converted.


4) Support multi-master communication: provide a variety of different data forwarding point tables, different data forwarding tables can be used for protocol forwarding of different master stations.


5) Communication agent and monitoring: It can monitor the communication content with the on-site intelligent equipment and remote monitoring system in a disturbance-free way, and upload the monitoring data to other systems.


6) Remote control: It has 2-way open-out interface, which can control the opening and closing of 1-way circuit breaker on site.


7) Data storage: It supports storing the collected interval layer data, custom alarm records, and related configuration parameters according to the set period, so that the data will not be lost after the device is powered off.


8) Maintenance function: support remote upgrade program, custom alarm reset, and device restart.


System Features


Strong data processing ability


Multi-threaded processing mechanism, data acquisition and signal processing are separated, data processing supports remote signaling signal inversion, delay alarm; telemetry data multiplication coefficient, residual reset, etc. Greatly improve the data processing efficiency of the whole system.

Fast extended protocol development platform

The communication link management and message parsing are designed separately, and various communication protocols are managed by modularization. For various communication protocols that are not available, the system has the ability to rapidly develop and implement.

Easy communication configuration and debugging platform

Completely network-based diagnostics and debugging, can remotely configure communication parameters, device restart, data processing, control command simulation, message monitoring, debugging information viewing, etc. The multi-master data point table can be implemented simply by configuration.

Safe and stable wireless communication platform

Wireless communication uses mature VPN-IPSec technology, builds a dedicated virtual tunnel on the public network, and uses encryption and decryption technology on the customer service and server ends to ensure data security. The communication network has an automatic recovery function.


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Tinytag CAB-0007-USB-RS CableUSB to 3.5mm Data logger cableUSB RS232 Data logger cable

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