Self-service terminal technologies

Self-service terminal technologies


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Self-service terminal technologies 


Self-service terminal equipment


Self-service terminal wire harness


Self-service terminal cable assembly


Self-service terminal equipment generally consists of a human-machine interface, which is operated by users according to the equipment prompts.


For example, bank ATM machines, subway ticket machines, etc. are all self-service terminal equipment


The invention of self-service terminal equipment has greatly facilitated people's travel and services, and is one of the great inventions of the 20th century.


In addition, there are also self-service terminal equipment in some supermarkets and stores, such as coupon inquiry printers, bank queuing machines, etc.


Self-service terminal equipment, widely used in banks, subways (high-speed rail) and other places that need to queue

It is a device that intelligently conducts various business transactions by itself through the computer display terminal (input and output device of the computer system).


Self-service terminal equipment is an electronic information equipment that forms an interactive environment through multimedia databases such as videos, pictures, text, and music, so as to store information and provide various information query, printing, payment, and product sales and other service functions.


Self-service terminal equipment mainly includes: 24-hour comprehensive business self-service acceptance system and equipment, business hall multimedia information release and self-service inquiry system, business hall new business self-service experience equipment, business hall queue management system, window service evaluator, LED display and other series Electronic equipment and system software, which have been widely used in communications, finance, government, transportation, medical care, industry and commerce, taxation and other industries


Self-service terminal wire harnessSelf-service terminal cable assemblySelf-service terminal cable assembly

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