IP67 M12 Right Angle to RJ45 Cable

M12 4 Pin to RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Cable 4 Position D Coded Network Cord CAT5 Shielded Cable


Circular Connector Cable


M12 4 Pin D-Coded to RJ45 Plug Cable

IP67 M12 Right Angle to RJ45 Cable  


Network Cable M12 4-Pin D-Coded to RJ45 Connector

M12 4 Pin to RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Cable 4 Position D Coded Network Cord CAT5 Shielded Cable 


M12 to RJ45 network cable IDC piercing cable Profinet protocol 4 cores


RJ45 sensor


Industrial switch M12 connector to RJ45


Industrial switch

Industrial switches are also called industrial Ethernet switches, that is, Ethernet switches used in the field of industrial control. Due to the network standards used, they have good openness, wide application and low price, and use transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol. , Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control


Industrial switches have carrier-grade performance characteristics and can withstand harsh working environments. Rich product series and flexible port configurations can meet the needs of various industrial fields. The products are designed with a wide temperature range, and the protection level is not lower than IP30, supporting standard and private Ring Redundancy Protocol


M12 cable plug


M12 cable plug refers to the production and manufacture in accordance with international standards.


M12 cable plugs are available with or without cable, and the cable length can be customized according to customer needs, such as 1 meter, 2 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, etc.


With and without cable, there are male and female, straight and elbow, customers can choose according to their needs


The connection method is screw connection, waterproof grade IP67, quality assurance, cost-effective


Product name : M12 type sensor waterproof connector, field self-connecting cable type, pin hole type, straight head elbow


Number of cores: 3-pin 3-hole, 4-pin 4-hole, 5-pin 5-hole, 6-pin 6-hole, 7-pin 7-hole, 8-pin 8-hole, 12-pin 12-hole


M12 cable plugs have been widely used in various sensors, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, load cells, etc.; solenoid valves, instrumentation, various transmitters, such as pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, etc.; outdoor light boxes, Construction machinery, steel production equipment, electric power equipment, mining machinery, ship machinery, automotive equipment, automatic production equipment, hydraulic machine tools, etc.


As the most widely used connector in industrial automation equipment, M12 connectors have several common internal structures and coding methods. Although these connectors have the same external dimensions, they are all 12 in diameter and 1mm in thread pitch, but the internal structure and There are many ways to use it. Let's take a look at the different structures and uses of M12 connectors.


A code


Mainly used to connect DC, standard 24VDC and standard sensor signal interface, also used for CANopen, DeviceNet, CC-Link and other buses


B code


Mainly connect DC signal, Profibus, Interbus and other field buses




Mostly used for Ethernet communication such as Profinet, Ethernet, CC-Link IE, etc.


C coding


In addition, M12 also has C-coded products, which are rarely used, mainly used to connect AC power, standard 24V/110V/230V AC


In addition, there are 8-core products, which are mainly used in multi-signal devices such as special sensors or junction boxes.

IP67 M12 Right Angle to RJ45 CableIndustrial switch M12 connector to RJ45M12 4 Pin D-Coded to RJ45 Plug CableIP67 M12 Right Angle to RJ45 Cable  Network Cable M12 4-Pin D-Coded to RJ45 Connector

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