DB9 to RJ11 RJ12 Cash Drawer Cable

DB9 to RJ11 RJ12 6P6C RS232 Serial Cable


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DB9 to RJ11 RJ12 Serial Cable  


DB9 to RJ11 RJ12 6P6C RS232 Serial Cable 


DB9 to RJ11 RJ12 Cash Drawer Cable  


DB9 to RJ11 RJ12 Cash Register Drawer Cable 


Cash Drawer Cable 


Cash Register Drawer Cable 

The cash drawer is one of the main hardware accessories in the financial cash register system. It can be used with the cash register, receipt printer or connected to the computer through the driver box. It can be either integrated with the cash register or a separate component.

His role is to temporarily store cash. Generally, it is divided into several small compartments for storing notes and coins of different denominations.

Generally, the connection line interface of the cash drawer is at the bottom, which is usually an RJ11 interface, which can be directly connected to the small ticket machine.


After the connection, we need to set the cash box to pop up automatically when the cash register is checked. Generally, it is in the small ticket machine settings in the background of the cash register software. Check the box to pop up the cash box when printing.


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