POS Terminal USB to RS232 RJ11 RJ12 Cable

POS Terminal USB to RS232 RJ11 RJ12 Cable


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USB to RJ11 RJ12 TTL Adapter Cable


USB to RJ11 RJ12 POS terminal Cable


USB RS232 Serial Cable for POS machine


POS Terminal USB to RS232 RJ11 RJ12 Cable


USB to RJ11 RJ12 serial converter adapter cable

USB to RJ11 RJ12 RS232 Serial Converter Cable for POS card reader 


POS Point of sales means "point of sale" in Chinese, the full name is point of sale information management system, is a terminal reader equipped with barcode or OCR code technology, and has cash or barter quota cashier functions.


Its main task is to provide data services and management functions for commodity and media transactions, as well as non-cash settlement.


POS is a multi-function terminal. It can be installed in the special merchants and acceptance outlets of credit cards to form a network with the computer, and the automatic transfer of electronic funds can be realized. It has the functions of supporting consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and transfer. Safe, fast and reliable.


It is difficult to obtain basic business information in bulk transactions. The introduction of the POS system is mainly to solve the blind spot of information management in the retail industry.

An important part of the chain store management information system.

The basic principle of pos machine

The basic principle of the POS system is to first create the product information in the computer file, and through the computer cash register connection structure, the barcode on the product can be directly read through the optical reading device on the cash register device (or directly input the code from the keyboard) immediately. Product information (unit price, department, discount...) can be displayed to speed up the checkout speed and accuracy. The detailed information of each commodity sales (price, department, time period, customer level) is automatically recorded, and then sent back to the computer by the online framework. Through computer processing, various sales statistics and analysis information can be generated as the basis for operation and management.


The POS machine reads the cardholder's magnetic stripe information on the bank card through the card reader, the POS operator enters the transaction amount, the cardholder enters the personal identification information (ie password), and the POS sends this information through the UnionPay Center and uploads it. The card issuing bank system completes the online transaction, gives information on whether it is successful or not, and prints the corresponding bill. The application of POS realizes the online consumption of credit cards, debit cards and other bank cards, ensures the safety, speed and accuracy of transactions, avoids complicated labor such as manual inquiry of blacklists and pressing orders, and improves work efficiency.


The magnetic stripe card module is designed to meet the needs of the three-track magnetic card, that is, the module must be able to read magnetic cards with 1/2, 2/3, and 1/2/3 tracks.


The communication interface circuit usually consists of interface circuits such as RS232 interface, PINPAD interface, IRDA interface and RS485. The RS232 interface is usually the POS program download port, the PINPAD interface is usually the interface between the host and the password keyboard, and the IRDA interface is usually the infrared communication interface of the mobile phone and the landline. Interface signals are usually composed of a transmit signal, a receive signal and a power supply signal.


The MODEM board consists of a central processing module, a memory module, a MODEM module, and a telephone line interface. First of all, the POS will first detect the /RING and /PHONE signals to determine whether the voltage on the telephone line can be used, the switch returns a dial tone, the POS dials, the sending light flashes, and the dial starts. Signal handshake confirmation between POS, etc., and then start the data exchange of POS, the signal is sent and received through the MODEM circuit; hang up after completion to end the process.


POS machine main classification


1. Fixed POS machine


The advantages are: 1. It is easier to upgrade and maintain the software; 2. The network dial-up mode, the dialing speed is fast; 3. The POS transaction settlement is relatively easy.
The disadvantage is that it needs to be connected, and guests need to go to the cashier to pay.
Merchants who are suitable for integrated transformation projects.


2. Wireless POS machine


The advantages are: 1. Wireless operation, free form of payment location; 2. Small size.
The disadvantages are: 1. The communication signal is unstable; 2. The data is easy to lose; 3. The cost is high.
Applicable to the type of merchants who receive payment at the guest's residence.


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POS Terminal USB to RS232 RJ11 RJ12 CableUSB RS232 Serial Cable for POS machineUSB to RJ11 RJ12 POS terminal CableUSB to RJ11 RJ12 TTL Adapter Cable

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