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PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable manufacturers take you to understand why serial ports need photoelectric isolation

Why do RS232 serial ports need photoelectric isolation? PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable manufacturers tell you that it is mainly for isolation! Its purpose is to isolate the interference source from the part susceptible to interference from the circuit, so that the measurement and control device and the scene only maintain signal contact, without direct electrical contact. The PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable manufacturer tells you that the essence of isolation is to cut off the introduced interference channel, so as to achieve the purpose of isolating on-site interference.

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PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable manufacturers tell you opto-isolator, abbreviated as OC. Also known as optocoupler, referred to as optocoupler. The optocoupler uses light as the medium to transmit electrical signals, and it has a good isolation effect on the input and output electrical signals. Therefore, it is widely used in various circuits. The PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable manufacturer tells you that an optocoupler generally consists of three parts: light emission, light reception and signal amplification. The input electrical signal drives the light emitting diode (LED) to emit light of a certain wavelength, which is received by the photodetector to generate a photocurrent, which is further amplified and output. This completes the electrical-optical-electrical conversion, thus playing the role of input, output and isolation. Since the input and output of the optocoupler are isolated from each other, the electrical signal transmission has the characteristics of unidirectional, so it has good electrical insulation ability and anti-interference ability.
The main advantages of optocouplers are: PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable manufacturers tell you that the signal is transmitted in one direction, the input end and the output end are completely electrically isolated, the output signal has no effect on the input end, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the work is stable.
The manufacturer of PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable tells you that optoelectronic isolators also play a very important role in serial communication, and optoelectronic isolators have also been widely used in serial communication. In serial communication, we also commonly call him serial isolator. The PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable manufacturer tells you that it adopts advanced photoelectric isolation technology, which can greatly protect the RS232 serial interface equipment and avoid the ground loop voltage, surge, induced lightning strike, static electricity, hot plugging and other harsh environments. Accidental damage and damage caused.
As far as the use of serial port optoelectronic isolators is concerned, the use of security engineers is also particularly prominent. Why do they say so? The manufacturer of PL2323ra USB rs232 to RJ45 cable tells you that signal ground wire interference is often encountered in the construction of security monitoring projects. Power supply interference, space electric field interference, and other high-order harmonic interference will affect the progress and quality of the project. For example, there is an RS232 PC in the monitoring room that needs to communicate with the PlC in the control room in RS232 mode. There is a strong signal interference on the PLC side, which causes the communication between the PLC and the PC to fail. Adding a photoelectric isolator between PLCs can solve this communication failure very well.

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