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Dual RJ45 Panel Mount Cable manufacturer will show you what is RJ45

The manufacturer of Dual RJ45 Panel Mount Cable tells you that RJ45 is a kind of information socket (ie communication terminal) connector in the wiring system. The connector consists of a plug (connector, crystal head) and a socket (module), and the plug has 8 grooves. And 8 contacts. RJ is the abbreviation of Registered Jack, which means "registered socket". The Dual RJ45 Panel Mount Cable manufacturer tells you that in the FCC (Federal Communications Commission Standards and Regulations), RJ is an interface that describes public telecommunications networks, and RJ45 for computer networks is the common name for standard 8-bit modular interfaces.

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Design principle:
The manufacturer of Dual RJ45 Panel Mount Cable tells you that RJ45 consists of a plug and a socket. The connectors composed of these two components are connected between the wires to achieve electrical continuity of the wires.
The Dual RJ45 Panel Mount Cable manufacturer tells you that the core of the RJ45 module is the modular jack. The gold-plated wire or socket hole can maintain a stable and reliable electrical connection with the modular socket shrapnel. Due to the friction between the shrapnel and the socket, the electrical contact is further strengthened as the plug is inserted. The main body of the jack is designed with an integral locking mechanism, so that when the modular plug is inserted, the maximum pulling strength can be generated outside the interface of the plug and the jack. The manufacturer of Dual RJ45 Panel Mount Cable tells you that the wiring module on the RJ45 module is connected to the twisted pair through the "U"-shaped wiring groove, and the locking spring can fix the RJ45 module on the information outlet device such as the panel.

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