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86 Wall plate

86 Wall plate Panel


86 panels usually refer to panels such as household switches, sockets, and information sockets. Because the length and width are both 86 mm, they are generally called 86 panels, and there are two types of exposed and concealed installations.

Type 86 optical fiber information panel, also known as optical fiber information box and optical fiber desktop box, is a complete set of field-terminated optical fiber quick connector kits; it has the characteristics of high quality, high success rate, high reliability, and fast installation.


It is suitable for FTTH (fiber-to-the-home), FTTO (fiber-to-the-office), FTTD (fiber-to-the-desk) and other occasions. It adopts the box cover buckle design; the material used is PC + fireproof ABS, and the flame retardant grade reaches V0 level.


Commonly used are divided into single port and double port, surface installation and embedded wall (concealed installation). The product size is: 86mmX86mmX20mm (surface-mounted type), 86mmX86mmX40mm (concealed type), matching with other A86 electrical junction box panels.


Material: High-quality PC + flame-retardant ABS is used as alloy material, and the flame-retardant grade reaches V0 level (the material can be selected according to customer requirements). All materials meet ROHS standards.


Dimensions : 86 * 86, wall mounted installation


Standard : YD/T 926.1-norm.


Temperature : -40~+70℃;


Humidity : ≤85% (temperature 85℃±3℃).


Interface : HDMI, VGA, RCA, DC, BNC, F/TV, etc.


D Type Cat3 Modular Jack


D-type telephone module CAT3 RJ11 socket  


D-type CAT3 telephone module RJ11 connector


In-Line Adapter Cat3 RJ11 Slim Feedthrough Jack 4 Ways


4P4C Straight Through Telephone Module RJ11 Connector  


D Type Cat3 Modular JackD-type telephone module CAT3 RJ11 socket  D-type CAT3 telephone module RJ11 connectorIn-Line Adapter Cat3 RJ11 Slim Feedthrough Jack 4 Ways4P4C Straight Through Telephone Module RJ11 Connector

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