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Timed dimmer for plant lights

Timed dimmer for plant lights


This series of timing dimmers can control four-way lamps, control the brightness according to the set time, and can insert a variety of special lighting changing effects. 


The lighting changing effects can be customized or recorded by the user using a standard DMX512 console , can simulate the light changes in nature, can be used to control ordinary commercial lighting, can also be used to control plant lights, aquarium lights.


Features :


1, LCD liquid crystal menu display, easy to operate.


2. Built-in real-time clock system, you can set any time and any brightness.


3. Four-channel output, each channel can be configured independently, and the light can be dimmed at any time.


4. One manual mode, four timing modes, and 12 modes, which can simulate the light changes in nature.


5. Four recording functions, users can use the standard DMX512 console to operate the lighting effect and record it as a mode.


6. Quick demonstration function, users can quickly check the correctness of the setting data.


7. Four-channel constant voltage PWM signal output.


8. Various DMX512 interfaces: XLR-3, RJ45, terminal block, RJ11, RJ12


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