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What is Modbus Acquisition Gateway? What is the use of Modbus acquisition gateway?

What is Modbus Acquisition Gateway  ?

What is the use of Modbus acquisition gateway ?

Modbus acquisition gateway is an IoT terminal product that can be used to collect industrial equipment data. MODBUS has become a conventional communication protocol in industrial equipment. MODBUS gateway can be connected to the PLC controller in industrial equipment through serial port or network port. To read various industrial data of industrial equipment, the MODBUS acquisition gateway provided by IOT has the functions of data networking, data acquisition, edge computing, protocol conversion, etc. It converts the industrial MODBUS protocol into a computer network protocol, so that technical staff can pass Debugging, repairing, and remote uploading and downloading of on-site industrial equipment can be performed remotely, and the equipment can be controlled without going to the site.


The main purpose of MODBUS acquisition gateway


1. Various Internet access functions: support 4G, 5G, WIFI, wired Ethernet, optical fiber, LORA and other networking access methods.


2. Powerful acquisition function: Embedded with various protocols such as PLC, instrumentation, power equipment, industrial robots, machine tools, etc.


3. Flexible cloud access: support access to remote platforms through MQTT, MODBUS, OPC, SQL, etc.


4. Efficient forwarding center: It supports serial port forwarding and MODBUS forwarding functions, and supports simultaneous access of local and remote systems.


5. Convenient remote maintenance: It supports remote debugging, diagnosis, uploading and downloading programs of industrial equipment through the equipment express line.


6. Rich API interface: Provide developed API interface to help customers build advanced and professional 4.0 systems.


The role of MODBUS gateways for the Industrial Internet of Things


1. Rich networking and interface functions, easy to deploy 

Support 5G/4G/3G/WIFI/Ethernet WAN/optical fiber and other network access methods, support network port/serial port/IO port/CAN port and other device access, support LORA wireless transmission, disconnection reconnection and multi-network interconnection backup function.


2. Rich protocol analysis, intelligent acquisition and control


Embedded protocol analyzer, supports mainstream industrial control protocols and customized unique protocols (such as PLC protocol, instrumentation protocol, power protocol, industrial robot, machine tool, etc.); industrial equipment data.


3. Data standardization and MQTT protocol access


The standardization of data is realized through the Bolian model of IoT, and the data can be standardized into JSON data format only by inputting variable points, and the connection with the cloud platform can be realized through the standard protocol of the Internet of Things.


Eliminate the differences between automation and informatization and equipment differences, provide standardized data API interfaces, and develop Industry 4.0 systems conveniently, efficiently and conveniently.


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