What is Remote Electrical Tilt

Remote Electrical Tilting device 

Remote Electrical Tilt Unit for antenna with electrical down-tilt
Compliant to AISG 2.0 / 3GPP
Compact size( Light, Thin, Short, Small )
Suitable for operation under outdoor conditions

The Remote Electrical Tilt Unit (R.E.T.) allows for accurate control of antenna tilt eliminating site-access requirement, allowing the tilt to be adjusted remotely from the Base station/network control center and only in a matter of minutes. This allows for timely and accurate response to changing capacity requirements of the network. It can save your time, money and safety for the physical work access the sites.
The solution comprises of a Motor driven Antenna, with communication to the BTS and a microprocessor that controls the communication and performs supervisory functions. Most of the R.E.T. systems use the AISG protocol (Antenna Interface Standard Group) which is an open specifications for the control interface for these systems and SRT R.E.T. is compliant to AISA 2.0 / 3GPP.

RET (Remote electrical Tilt Unit)  
Remote Control Unit(RCU)
Smart Bias Tee