Scale and balance RS232 Cable

Sartorius Scale RS232 Cable

Adam Scale RS232 Cable

Adam Equipment RS232 To USB Adapter


Scale and balance RS232 Cable

RS232 Data Cable For Scale 

RS-232 Platform Scale Cable

RS-232 to USB Interface Cable


RS232 Data Cable For SlimPRO Scale

USB Interface - RS232 to USB Connection

Precision Weighing Balance RS232 Cable

Adam Equipment RS-232 To USB Adapter

RS-232 to PC Cable for Adam GBK Bench Scale

USB cable for Brecknell 6700U series and CAS SW-RS series scale 


USB Cable for Temperature Humidity Data Logger

USB Cable is a 6in (152mm) cable used to connect the MA-46 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger docking station to a computer USB port. It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 98ME, 2000, and XP, and is supplied with a CD with drivers for installation on PC.


Converts 9-pin plug to USB
Connects to RS232 cable
Included Items:

USB Cable
CD with Drivers

Laurel CBL02 USB-to-RS232 Adapter Cable
Connects the USB port of a PC to a Laureate meter with an RS232 option board

Data Cable mini USB RS232 9 pin

Data output Mini USB RS232 Cable

Sartorius 150404 Mini USB Cable RS232 9 Pin compatible

Data Cable Mini USB RS232 9Pin YCC03-D09 Sartorius compatible


Data transfer to a printer or a computer is blocked when most common operating errors occur

LevelControl, an optoelectronic level monitoring helps prevent incorrect results from an unlevelled balance

Active monitoring of the USP minimum sample weight requirement

isoCAL helps prevent incorrect results due to an uncalibrated balance

Cal Audit Trail provides traceable documentation of all calibration and adjustment data inside the balance

GLP-compliant printouts with time and date stamps - with a Sartorius GLP printer YDP30

Password protection prevents unauthorised changes of weighing settings

Easy cleaning thanks to innovative housing design

Optimised draft ring and LevelControl ensure suitability for us in laminar airflow environments