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How do I connect my Thrustmaster to PC?


Before you can play with the Thrustmaster T128, you must connect it to your computer or gaming console. We are happy to assist you.



Step 1: Connect the cables


Connect the racing wheel's cable to your console or PC. You will have 3 cables in total. Use the velcro under the racing steering wheel to keep the cables in place.



Step 2: Attach the Racing Wheel to the Platform


The Thrustmaster T128 has an LED indicator light in the middle of the steering wheel. Flashes blue, red or green. These colors represent platforms.



Step 3: Connect a different set of pedals


The Thrustmaster T128 is compatible with T3PA, T3PM and T-LCM pedals. Would you like to connect one of these pedals to your T128? Please follow the steps below.


Attach the pedal set to the rear of the racing steering wheel base.


Press the settings button on the racing wheel 8 times quickly.


The LED light on the racing steering wheel flashes 5 times.


Your new pedal is ready for use.


Mini Din 6 replacement part for Thrustmaster wheels

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