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What is the RJ45 connector preferred for?

RJ45 Male To Female Round Panel Extension Cable


RJ45 connectors are most commonly used to connect one internet-enabled device to another network device. For example, a PC connected to a server, router, modem, smart TV, game console, or any device that uses the Ethernet protocol. The hardwired connection provided by RJ45 connectors allows for higher data speeds, greater stability, and greater security. This makes RJ45 connections attractive for both professional and personal use.



The added features and functionality of the RJ45 product line, such as increased speed and durability, also make this interconnect system suitable for use outside of office or home networks, while the introduction of the EtherCAT protocol has increased use on the factory floor and in home networks . Exceed. Some newer applications using RJ45 technology include:



factory automation


industrial process control


Industrial Robots (Manufacturing and Assembly)


test and measurement systems


Quality control system


Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems and equipment


Internet of Things (IoT) Network Devices



Premier Cable can provide multiple data pass-through interfaces such as USB2.0/3.0, TYPE-C, Micro USB, Mini USB, RJ45, HDMI, etc.


Round panel mount HDMI female to female connectorMicro B Round Panel Mount Extension Cable

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