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Introduction about Outdoor SIM Card Slot Adapter

Outdoor SIM Card Slot Adapter is a waterproof SIM card slot adapter designed for outdoor enclosure installation. It fully protects and seals your cellular SIM card and still allows you to access it without opening the case system. This extends the life of the device by reducing environmental exposure, while still allowing users to swap SIM cards at will. The housing is UV-resistant, has a gasket seal for a completely watertight installation, and is IP67 grade.


Outdoor SIM Card Slot Adapter


Adapter Specifications:


·Full IP67 protection


·Working temperature -20℃~+45℃


·20cm (7-3/4+") long flexible extension


·25mm (1") holed threaded base


·Clear, UV-resistant plastic housing



Combine this SIM card slot adapter with our Medium Router PCB Enclosure Kit to keep your device completely sealed dry and protected from pests in all weather conditions



NOTE: Make sure the relative humidity is low when assembling the case to avoid excessive moisture buildup that can "sweat" inside the case when the ambient temperature fluctuates. Sometimes it may be necessary to add silicon desiccant baa inside the case to absorb moisture. Moisture inside the enclosure after assembly.



The SIM expansion is designed to fit standard size SIM card slots and can be used with almost any style of slot, including "click" slots.



If you have any needs about Outdoor SIM Card Slot Adapter, please do not hesitate to contact

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