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With the USB interface, the vehicle power supply still need to provide a 12V power connector?

Many vehicles now also provide a variety of USB power interface, providing 5V/2.1A power supply, can be directly and easily charged for cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices, reducing the pressure of the use of the cigarette lighter.


Car Cigarette Lighter to Mini Refrigerator 12V Power Cable


But it should be noted that the charging voltage of such electronic devices vary, not necessarily suitable for all mobile intelligent terminal devices, need to carefully understand the specific standards of charging. There are also some USB ports are provided by multimedia devices, only able to read U disk data, and can not charge the device.


Cigarette Lighter to DC Plug Solar Protable Power Station Cable


Summer is about to spread across the country, in order to go out also can always have a sip of cold drinks, adding a portable car refrigerator is a good choice for many car owners, but this obviously can not be through the USB port to take power (5V voltage value), and connected to the rear air conditioning vents next to the or trunk of the 12V power port is much more practical. Obviously some models only provide USB ports in the rear is not a good practice, it is best to have both USB and 12V power ports, is the most convenient and practical partner.


Premier Cable provides 12V cigarette lighter connection cable for car refrigerator, and also many other power connector: Car Cigarette Lighter to DC / GX16/ SEA / EC / XT60 / TXT90 / Anderson / DC5525 /DC7909 / Clip Extension Cable. Leave a message now to learn more:


Cigarette Lighter 1x Male to 4x Female Splitter Solar Panel Power Cable

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