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What can the car cigarette lighter power 12V voltage do?

The car cigarette lighter is 12V 10A or 20A. The car cigarette lighter socket has two current values, 10A and 20A, and the rated voltage of the battery is 12V, which corresponds to the rated power output of 120W and 240W, and the power used by the motor corresponds to it. Generally, the cigarette lighter voltage of small cars is 12V, and the cigarette lighter voltage of large transport vehicles is 24V.


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The 12V voltage of the car power system assumes the power supply of all electrification equipment, and also provides convenience for car owners to add their own electrical appliances, which we commonly take power from the cigarette lighter interface, and can directly provide charging for cell phones, tablets, navigators, car recorders and other devices through the corresponding adapter plug into the cigarette lighter, and can also meet the car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaner, car wash pump, car air It can also meet the power needs of car refrigerators, car vacuum cleaners, car wash pumps, car air purifiers and other equipment, which is quite powerful.

However, it should be noted that, according to different models, the maximum fuse overflow of the cigarette lighter is often 5A, 10A and 15A three settings, more than 20A is generally found in high-end cars, the use of the maximum power of 180W appliances within the most secure, if the use of high-powered appliances, once the circuit overload, the light will blow the fuse, the heavy line heat is easy to cause a fire, so in the cigarette lighter to take power Therefore, you need to pay attention to the power and current indicators of electrical appliances to avoid the necessary safety hazards.


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Secondly, try not to use the car appliance for a long time after turning off the engine, so as not to run out of battery power and not to start the car normally the next day.

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