USB C D-Type Adapter Standard D-type Mounting

USB C female to type C female panel fixed pass-through connector


Round Panel Mount Cables


USB C D-Type Adapter Standard D-type Mounting 


Type-C 3.1 Feedthrough Data Connectors in XLR Shell


USB C female to type C female panel fixed pass-through connector

USB Type-C 3.1, feed through, data connectors for electrical instrumentation are perfect for developing custom I/O configurations for wall plates, rack panels, etc.

All fit within a standard XLR panel cutout and use common cabling for front and back connections. No soldering and no punch terminations - just use the standard cable for that particular connector style. Mount from the front or back. A low rear profile accommodates the tightest behind-the-panel spaces.


USB C female to type C female panel fixed pass through connector is a reinforced and easy-to-install connection system, fast and durable, and optimized design. It can easily realize the conversion between usb C and Type C, realize stable data transmission, and provide a more stable transmission environment.

USB C D-type adapter can be installed on ground sockets, desktop sockets, and 86 panels, and is widely used in cinemas, stages, home audio and video, KTV, automated intelligent equipment and various weak current engineering facilities connection ports.

Standard D-type mounting dimensions are used. Rugged chassis protection is provided to ensure durability and meet the special needs of certain harsh conditions.

D-type USB c panel mount connector is easy to install, the product comes with screws that need to be installed, which can be installed on the front panel or the rear panel.




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