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DisplayPort D-type Panel-Mount Extension Cable

DisplayPort Panel Mount Adapter D-type


Round Panel Mount Cables


DisplayPort D-type Panel-Mount Extension Cable


Panel Mount DisplayPort Cable D-type


DisplayPort Panel Mount Adapter D-type  

DisplayPort XLR panel Extension Cable


DisplayPort D-type panel Extension Cable


DisplayPort panel feed-through connector, suitable for developing the input/output configuration of custom digital audio/video media system, docking DP cable to securely connect high-definition multimedia system.


Support standard DP interface output and display, such as PC, laptop, smart TV, game console, projector, etc. DP1.4 is backward compatible with all versions. 


DisplayPort panel mounting connector, the installation size matches the XLR panel/D-type panel with φ24mm opening. Suitable for fixing on walls, desktops, equipment panels, racks, etc.

Displayport panel feed-through connectorDisplayport Female to Female Panel CouplerDisplayport Panel Mount Feedthrough Connector

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