USB Type C XLR Format Feedthrough Data Connector

XLR Format USB C Adapter


Round Panel Mount Cables


USB Type C XLR format feedthrough data connector


XLR Format USB C Adapter XLR Format USB 3.1 Adapter Connector


USB-C Female to Male Black Panel Mount USB-C to USB-C Feed-Thru Chassis Mount


Barrel Connector USB Adapter, USB Type C Receptacle, USB Type C Plug, FT Series USB Type C is the latest addition range of XLR format feedthrough data connector Adapter Connector USB-C  Receptacle To USB3.1 C Receptacle Panel Mount Flange USB C to USB C black adapter with countersunk hole.


The black metal FT series of true feed through data connectors for electrical instrumentation are perfect for developing custom I/O configurations for wall plates, rack panels, etc. It fits within a standard XLR panel cut-out and use common cabling for front and back connections. No soldering and no punch terminations required, just use the standard cable for that particular connector style.


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