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NMEA 2000 CANopen M12 Serial Cable

NMEA 2000 CANopen M12 Serial Cable 9-pin D-sub DB9 to M12 CAN logger cable


NMEA 2000 Cable


NMEA 2000 CAN logger cable


NMEA 2000 data logger cable


M12 to DB9 Adapter Cable RS232


NMEA 2000 CANopen M12 Serial Cable


NMEA 2000 CANopen M12 Serial Cable


9-pin D-sub DB9 to M12 CAN logger cable


DB9 to M12 5-pin adapter fits most marine vessels and CANopen Device


Log NMEA 2000 data from marine , boats, ships or CANopen data from industrial machinery 


The NMEA2000 CAN interface is used to convert the CAN protocol sent by the generator or the main equipment to the NMEA 2000 protocol, and transmit the information to the centralized equipment of the marine integrated information management system through CANBus.


The generator output voltage, current and other related information can be directly viewed on the marine intelligent navigation panel, and the generator can be turned on and off through the panel control, which is used to centrally collect and manage marine navigation information for yachts and other marine applications.


CAN has formed an international standard and is recognized as one of the most promising fieldbuses. Its typical application protocols are: CANKingdom, SAEJ1939, CANOpen, DeviceNet, CANaerospace, NMEA-2000, etc.


NMEA2000 is a communication protocol for data exchange between control units in marine applications proposed by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) on the basis of J1939.


Users do not need to be familiar with the NMEA2000 protocol, and only need to concentrate on creating simulation model implementations or data analysis. It can significantly improve the quality of the development process and improve the efficiency of data analysis.


CANoe with NMEA2000 option can be used in the entire development process from design to implementation. Models created during the design phase can be continuously reused in other forms. For example, it can be implemented using model validation, followed by functional testing in the final testing phase.


NMEA 2000 CAN logger cableNMEA 2000 data logger cable

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