D-SUB 9 female to D-SUB 9 male CANnector Cable

CAN bus, LIN bus, K-LINE bus, FlexRay bus cable FRC-EP190 Double CAN Cable CAN Cable CANnector


CAN Bus Cable Adapter


D-SUB 9 female to D-SUB 9 male CANnector Cable

DB9 male to female CANnector Cable

Double CAN Cable CANnector

CANnector Double CAN Cable


FRC-EP190 Double CAN Cable

CAN bus, LIN bus, K-LINE bus, FlexRay bus cable


FlexRay is a high-speed, deterministic, and fault-tolerant bus technology for automobiles. It combines event-triggered and time-triggered methods with efficient network utilization and system flexibility. The backbone of the new generation of automotive interior networks.


FlexRay is the facto standard for the automotive industry.


The FlexRay in-vehicle network standard has become the benchmark for similar products and will guide the development direction of the entire automotive electronic product control structure for many years to come.


FlexRay is the latest development after CAN and LIN and can efficiently manage multiple safety and comfort functions: For example, FlexRay is suitable for operation by wire (X-by-Wire).


FlexRay is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler Corporation. The FlexRay Consortium advances the standardization of FlexRay as a next-generation vehicle interior network communication protocol.


FlexRay focuses on some of the core needs of today's automotive industry, including faster data rates, more flexible data communications, more comprehensive topology choices, and fault-tolerant computing.


As a result, FlexRay can provide the speed and reliability required for next-generation in-vehicle control systems.


The maximum performance limit of the CAN network is 1Mbps. The maximum performance limit of LIN and K-LINE branch networks is 20Kbit/s. The data rate on the two channels of FlexRay can reach a maximum of 10Mbps, and the total data rate can reach 20Mbit/s


Therefore, when applied to in-vehicle networks, the network bandwidth of FlexRay may be as much as 20 times that of CAN.

D-SUB 9 female to D-SUB 9 male CANnector CableDB9 male to female CANnector CableDouble CAN Cable CANnectorCANnector Double CAN CableFlexRay bus cable


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