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RJ12 to IP67 LED Grow Light Cable

LED Grow Light Cable


RJ12 RJ45 Cables


What is the difference between LED grow light and normal light  ?


1. The main points of the function side are different


Normal lamps are mainly used for lighting. People find the one that does not hurt the eyes in various products, and then try to meet the needs of life and save electricity, which can basically meet people's requirements. It is mainly used in the plant growth environment, and the problem of eye injury can be considered as a secondary consideration, as long as it does not affect the plant, there is no problem.


2. Different wavelengths of luminescence spectrum


Plant growth lights are mainly red and blue components in the visible light spectrum, while ordinary lights are just light-emitting diodes, and the spectrum is concentrated in the green light part.


3. The principle is different


The principle of plant growth lights is to promote the light absorption capacity of plants as much as possible to improve the growth cycle of plants. Sometimes shortening the light can also delay the time for plants to mature and market, which is also an important direction for people to use grow lights. Its principle is to set and adjust the light intensity and time within a certain range, so that plants can grow in an artificially created light cycle environment. Ordinary lighting does not need these functions. It has no periodicity and can only be switched by manual operation.


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LED Grow Light CableLED Grow Light Dimming RJ12 Daisy Chain CableLED Grow Light  RJ12 Daisy Chain Cable

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